Pensions: “What the President is planning is insane,” says Ruffin

Pensions: “What the President is planning is insane,” says Ruffin

LFI MP François Ruffin on Wednesday assessed the pension reforms desired and announced by President Emmanuel Macron as “madness” in a country “exhausted” and “exasperated” by two years of COVID-19, inflation and “democracy fatigue”.

“I’ll try to be solemn: I think what the President of the Republic is up to is madness,” the deputy from the Somme told franceinfo on the set a few hours before the decision of the majority around the President on the subject.

“When we had two years of Covid crisis, when we have a people who are exhausted, exhausted when they (Emmanuel Macron, editor’s note) were finally re-elected, without momentum, without enthusiasm, when they have a We have a majority in the National Assembly (…) that we won’t know if we can pay our bills, that we have an inflationary crisis, that salaries are not keeping up,” he listed, recalling polls that a large majority of French people doesn’t want reform.

He denied the real usefulness of reform, believing that “we plant resentment in people’s hearts”.

“Retirement is an injustice before anyone else,” he argued, referring to “people who are already wondering how they can work until they’re 60.”

President Macron receives on Wednesday evening Elisabeth Borne, the main leaders of the majority divided on how to carry out this reform, to decide on the method: amendment, ad hoc text or amending budget for social security.

The final decision is expected “by the end of the week”.

According to the executive, the electoral promise of the reform, which is intended in particular to raise the statutory retirement age, must make it possible to balance the system and create leeway to finance education, health or the energy transition.


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