Peugeot 408: a larger SUV-coupe than Renault Arkana and Mercedes GLA

Peugeot 408: a larger SUV-coupe than Renault Arkana and Mercedes GLA

“It’s a new kind of car,” proclaims Linda Jackson, Peugeot’s managing director; “Exceptional modernity,” adds Jérôme Micheron, product director of the lion brand. For “customers looking for disruptive objects”, adds Matthias Hossann, head of design for the manufacturer. Peugeot went to great lengths with qualifiers and superlatives on Tuesday June 21, during the presentation in Paris of its new 408 to a few journalists in preview of the official presentation this Wednesday. So here is a mixture of SUV, sedan and coupe, which Peugeot calls “Fastback”, a term with an Anglo-Saxon sounding like SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) which, ultimately, does not mean anything. But, as the word is vague and the concept indefinable, we repeat it at will.

“We are particularly targeting customers who have had two or three SUVs, want to keep the feeling of protection and safety, the functionality of these vehicles, but are looking for novelty with the driving sensations of a sedan”, specifies Jérôme Micheron. “SUVs are becoming too conventional,” he insists. “We are also targeting customers who come from the compact sedan and want more interior space and even customers from the upper segment (D) who demand more originality”, according to Phil York, director of marketing. Squaring the circle.


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