Picnic at the prefecture: Butchers and bakers honored

Picnic at the prefecture: Butchers and bakers honored

Corinne Orzechowski, prefect of the Oise, looks severe but she is quite nice. Monday, June 27, she opened the doors of the prefecture for a big picnic in honor of the butchers and bakers of the Oise. Nearly one hundred kilos of beef ribs grill and sizzle under tents in the grounds of the Hôtel de l’Etat while, inside, the best pastry chefs in the department show off their know-how. Speakers take their places at the top of the elegant staircase leading down to the gardens. Behind the well-trimmed hedge of cedars or privets, you can make out a tennis court that doesn’t seem to be used very often.

The prefect speaks first. She says she does a good job and that the state is good. She also says artisans and craftsmanship is good.

Thierry Deshayes, president of the Oise butchers, takes the floor in turn. He says he does a good job and that apprentices are good.

Gilles Forret, president of the bakers and pastry chefs of the Oise, then seizes the microphone. He says he has a good job and that learning is good. It presents, in passing, the craftsman who won the best baguette in the Oise and the one who won the best croissant.

Xavier Bertrand, president of the Hauts-de-France region on the left. Credit: Vincent Gérard – Oise Hebdo.

The main thing, it will be understood, happens during the reception. Here is Xavier Bertrand, president of the region, who arrives. He shakes hands, distributes smiles and little jokes.

The two new local National Rally deputies are present. Philippe Ballard who no longer misses a local event and Alexandre Sabatou, who came with the mother of Sébastien Chenu, a former Beauvaisien and one of the biggest pundits of Marine Le Pen’s party.

Philippe Ballard, new RN deputy for the 2nd district of Oise was present. Credit: Vincent Gérard – Oise Hebdo.

Frank Pia is present, all smiles, he represents Caroline Cayeux, mayor of Beauvais. Martine Miquel represents Philippe Marini, mayor of Compiègne, and enters into a private conversation with Olivier Paccaud, LR related senator. His friend and colleague from the Luxembourg Palace, Jérôme Bascher, is present with his smiles and his little jokes.

And… icing on the cake or slice of foie gras on the tournedos, the deputy Victor Habert Dassault, is there, present, himself in person. Very relaxed, the deputy largely re-elected in the second round, distributes smiles and little jokes.

Very relaxed, the deputy Victor Habert-Dassault, widely re-elected in the second round for the 1st district of Oise, distributes smiles and little jokes. Credit: Vincent Gérard – Oise Hebdo.

Last and not least of this reduced list, Jacky Lebrun, former president of the Oise chamber of commerce, former president of the louchebem (butchers) of the Oise, came with his rosette on a silver sofa (commander of the legion honor) which was given to him, in November 2016, by Emmanuel Macron when he was still nothing and Jacky Lebrun was everything.

Back in pictures on the speeches of the prefect, Thierry Deshayes and Gilles Forret:


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