Plans to convince Macedonians to include Bulgarians in the constitution

Plans to convince Macedonians to include Bulgarians in the constitution

According to Macedonian Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani, there are plans to convince Macedonians to include Bulgarians in the country’s constitution, which would pave the way for membership of the European Union, according to an agreement reached between Skopje and Sofia.

In June, after two years of deadlock over linguistic, cultural and historical issues between Bulgaria and North Macedonia, an agreement was finally negotiated. According to it, North Macedonia must include the Bulgarians as a recognized ethnic minority in the constitution, as well as several other points.

The problem is that the government does not have the necessary parliamentary majority to modify the constitution, the opposition being completely against such a measure.

Euronews Albania asked Mr. Osmani to find out when these constitutional changes would take place.

“For 16 months, we will convince citizens of the reasons why the constitutional changes are not negative for the country”he explained. “I remember that Croatia’s inclusion in the constitution of communities and minorities […] strengthened Croatia, this will also be the case with Macedonia. »

Mr. Osmani addressed the lack of necessary political consensus, saying he hopes that shifts in public opinion will then lead to changes at the political level.

“We have resistance from political parties, but the next few months [nous montreront] that these constitutional changes will strengthen Macedonia”Mr. Osmani said.


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