Poland: Russian ship enters new waterway of Vistula Canal

Poland: Russian ship enters new waterway of Vistula Canal

A Russian ship has entered the port of the Polish town of Elbląg at the start of the Vistula Canal after the Polish government said opening the waterway would eliminate the need for ships to require permission from Moscow to sail to the ports from the Baltic Sea of the Fresh Lagoon.

The Vistula Canal was opened last week, although the work is not yet complete. One day after its opening, the Russian ship Atlant1 called at the port of the Polish city of Elbląg on Saturday morning, it is said Virtual Poland.

“Previously, this route was mainly used to transport coal from Russia”, has indicated Mr. Jadczak on Twitter, adding that the ship was from Kaliningrad Oblast. Poland imposed an embargo on Russian coal last April.

The ship did not have to cross the new canal as it departed from Russia. However, since the canal made it possible to connect the port of Elbląg with the Baltic Sea via a new waterway, the Russian ship entered the route that is part of this waterway, according to shared screenshots by M. Jadczak.

However, ships entering the port of Elbląg have not violated anti-Russian sanctions, Arkadiusz Zgliński, one of the port officials, told the business news website money.pl. The Atlant1 is a ship that regularly shuttles between Elbląg and Kaliningrad and only carries non-sanctioned goods, mainly building materials and fertilizers, he said.

War in Ukraine did not stop trade between Elbląg and Kaliningrad Oblast. On the contrary, the Russian invasion provoked a whole “Mobilization” in trade, Zgliński said earlier this month. “It must be about the storage of materials that have not yet been sanctioned”he insisted.

But with the EU sanctions packages, the list of goods that can be imported is getting shorter and shorter, he says money.pl.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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