Poland wants to get nuclear weapons from NATO

Poland wants to get nuclear weapons from NATO

Poland wants to participate in the nuclear sharing program, and the country could get nuclear weapons from the United States, although, as the Polish President emphasizes, this possibility is far from being realized.

Recent comments by Vladimir Putin about using nuclear weapons against Ukrainians if they advance further along the front lines have sparked a heated nuclear weapons debate in Poland.

The Internet has been deluged with news and articles about Russia’s nuclear arsenal and weapons of this type in general. Experts and politicians speak on the subject. Polish President Andrzej Duda also got involved in this discussion with a frightening statement.

Poland is one of the countries that form NATO’s eastern flank. It borders Russia and relations between the two countries have always been very strained.

Relations between Warsaw and Moscow cooled further when Poland recently sided unequivocally with Ukraine after the Russian attack on Ukraine.

For this reason, voices are being raised in Poland that the country could fall victim to a Russian nuclear attack if Russia decides to use its nuclear arsenal.

«First of all, the problem is that we don’t have nuclear weapons. There is no indication that we will have any in our possession any time soon. But there is always an opportunity to get involved in nuclear sharing. We spoke to US leaders to find out if the United States is considering such a possibility. The topic is opensaid Mr Duda in an interview with right-wing magazine Gazeta Polska.

The President expressed these views when speaking of a “protective umbrellaNuclear energy for Poland. Nuclear weapons are recognized around the world as a guarantor of the defense security of the countries that possess them, but are feared again for their tactical, strategic and offensive use following threats from Mr Putin.

Poland has never possessed nuclear weapons, although about 200 Soviet Union charges were stored on its territory during the Cold War.

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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