Polish general dismisses US senator’s comments on attack in Poland

Polish general dismisses US senator’s comments on attack in Poland

Claims by US Senator Marco Rubio that Russia could attack Polish distribution points supplying aid to Ukraine were refuted by former commander of Poland’s Ground Forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, on Tuesday (October 4).

Marco Rubio, deputy chairman of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, said in an interview with CNN television that Russian President Vladimir Putin could attack some of these sites on Polish territory.

«Despite being a senator, Mr. Rubio probably does not have access to NATO intelligence data and I doubt he knows Mr. Putin’s personal intentionsMr Skrzypczak told Wirtualna Polska, calling Mr Rubio’s statement “irresponsible” and from “mockery».

Politicians who don’t have access to detailed data are rushing to predict what Mr. Putin will do next, he stressed, adding that he questions the credibility of the US senator’s remarks.with all the conviction in the world».

General Skrzypczak also called on Polish diplomacy to respond decisively to Marco Rubio’s warning. “You can’t provoke like that‘ he explained.

Poland is not only Russia’s neighbor, bordering Kaliningrad Oblast, but also one of the frontline countries to provide diplomatic support to Ukraine by sending arms and taking in Ukrainian refugees.

It is also one of nine countries that have signed a declaration that they would never recognize Russia’s annexation of Ukrainian territories and that they support Ukraine’s efforts to join NATO.

When Putin announced the partial mobilization of Russian citizens last month, he made a statement that many interpreted as a warning of a nuclear attack. He said that Moscowwill defend our sovereignty by any means available».

Reference: www.euractiv.fr

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