Pont Sainte-Maxence. The wild rodeo ends with the seizure of a motorcycle and the arrest of its driver

Pont Sainte-Maxence. The wild rodeo ends with the seizure of a motorcycle and the arrest of its driver

– Credit: City of Pont-Sainte-Maxence

“Here is a fine example of cooperation between the national gendarmerie and the municipal police, in particular with work carried out around video surveillance”. The conclusion is from Arnaud Dumontier, mayor of Pont-Sainte-Maxence and president of the community of communes of the country of Oise and D’Halatte. This cooperation has indeed made it possible to stop the actions of the pilot of a motocross bike who spent his entire day on Friday June 17 driving dangerously on the territory of the community of municipalities, a black hood on his head as a helmet.

That the sound of crackling motorcycles punctuate the daily life of the Maxipontains is nothing new, but in the present case, the individual, a young man, resident in Pont-Sainte-Maxence, was traveling on board a powerful motorcycle cross not registered. He decided to take the city and the neighboring municipalities as a real playground. The urban rodeo took place all day long to the point that the inhabitants themselves warned the police. Rear wheel, acceleration in the middle of town. Refusal to mark the stops, roundabout taken straight, no entry, in other words that the driver appeared as a real public danger in the eyes of the residents, but also of the municipal police.

An investigation under video surveillance

The latter decided to hunt the individual. The investigation took place behind the cameras. In the meantime, the pilot, believing that the danger of being arrested was growing, decided to find other playgrounds, namely the towns of Les Ageux, Monceau, Cinqueux, Angicourt, Rieux, Brenouille…

The cameras made it possible to determine the almost exact place where the pilot parked his motorcycle.
The arrest was made gently by the gendarmes who had all the information to get to the home of this resident driver in the factory district.

“It is a great satisfaction and a great proof once again of cooperation between the municipal police and the national gendarmerie. It was time to make this individual aware that he is particularly dangerous. We saw images on the Champ de Mars, fortunately there were no children at that time. For me, this arrest is to avoid a tragedy, “ concludes Arnaud Dumontier.


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