Praised abroad, Emmanuel Macron absent in France

Praised abroad, Emmanuel Macron absent in France

Perhaps the French are going astray, but macronists, anti-macronists and even indifferent, they feel the feeling – painful it must be admitted – of a president at least evanescent or, even worse, absent, seeming to lose interest of their fate for several months now. This would explain the recurrent, almost unanimous reproach of two abortive electoral campaigns, that of the presidential election first, that of the legislative ballot then. In short, a democratic fiasco for which this head of state “elsewhere” would be, if not the only one, at least the main responsible.

Politics, however, is not only tragic, toxic or complex. She’s also… facetious. At a time when “his people” are wondering not without reason about the Macron “case”, the main newspapers of the Italian, Spanish, German or Dutch press, not very famous in principle for their Francophilia, praise in chorus the same Emmanuel Macron and his “European” presidency, the proposals, the advances, the decisions he was able to get taken, in particular the different layers of sanctions against Putin’s Russia.

Feeling of abandonment


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