Presidential election in Brazil: Brazilians’ hearts beat faster in the polling stations

Presidential election in Brazil: Brazilians’ hearts beat faster in the polling stations

Jean-Claude Gerez (in Salvador de Bahia), edited by Juliette Moreau Alvarez

On Sunday, Brazilians rushed to the polls to choose their next president. Right the conservative and outgoing head of state Jair Bolsonaro. Left Ex-President Lula, back after corruption cases. The latest polls place Lula clearly ahead.

Brazil’s presidential election continues on Sunday, with leftist ex-president Lula leading the polls. The right-wing extremist, who is leaving Bolsonaro, already wants to challenge the results in the event of a defeat. The first estimates are expected at the end of the evening. There is already excitement in the polling stations. Long queues in the popular Brotas district of Salvador de Bahia, despite the relentless sun.

The clash of the conservatives and the left

Everything has to be put into perspective, of course, because voting is compulsory for around 156 million Brazilians. Still, a genuine desire to choose one of the two candidates can be felt. On the one hand Jair Bolsonaro, the outgoing President. His record has been heavily criticized but he remains the Conservatives’ favourite, as Mario, 53, found out at the polling station. “I voted for Bolsonaro and everything he represents, especially freedom and family, because I’m a conservative. The opposite of the other candidate who was imprisoned for his involvement in the biggest corruption scandals in the country’s history.”

On the other Lula making a comeback. For the vast majority of Brazilians who have exchanged views with Europe 1, Lula retains above all his record when he was head of state in 2003 and 2011, but above all a feeling of being close to the concerns of the most humble. “I voted for Lula. I think he’s a Democrat who cares about people and has done good for people in need,” Alexandro said. “Unlike the current president, a demagogue I once believed in but who has done nothing for the people.”

Recent polls placed Lula well ahead, or even a first-round pick. The first estimates should be known from 10 p.m. French time.


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