Presidential elections 2017: the charges validated in the investigation of Mélenchon’s campaign accounts

Presidential elections 2017: the charges validated in the investigation of Mélenchon’s campaign accounts

The Paris Court of Appeal on Thursday upheld the charges in the probe into Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s campaign accounts during the 2017 presidential election, a court source told AFP on Monday.

The association l’Ere du peuple, set up in 2015 by relatives of the President of France Insoumise, the candidate’s financial agent Marie-Pierre Oprandi and MP Bastien Lachaud, had filed motions to have the case against her annulled. which were examined by the Investigative Chamber of the Court of Appeal on June 16.

According to the Justice source, “The investigatory chamber said there was no reason for any of the requested cancellations.”

When asked by AFP, the defendants’ lawyers declined to comment.

In this case, since November 2018, the investigating judges have been examining the use of public funds by the candidate LFI’s team for the 2017 election campaign.

The people’s era had billed the candidate 440,027 euros for renting rooms or computer equipment and the intellectual services of its four collaborators, including MPs Bastien Lachaud and Mathilde Panot.

The National Commission of Campaign Accounts (CNCCFP) had found a difference of 152,688 euros between the salaries paid to MPs and the amounts billed to the agent for their services.

According to Mediapart, the association was thus able to generate a margin of 66% and 59% for the two MPs.

The commission responsible for confirming the reimbursement of the candidates’ expenses with public money had refused to reimburse this margin made by the People’s Era and reported the facts to the judiciary.

In the spring of 2021, the Ere du Peuple was charged with illegally providing work, a year later criminal prosecutions escalated when judges also charged them with aggravated fraud, breach of trust and illegal funding of the country.

The financial agent of the LFI candidate, Marie-Pierre Oprandi, was charged in April 2021 with illegal agency work and use of counterfeiting, then in September 2021 the LFI deputy Bastien Lachaud, then employed as treasurer of the association, was himself prosecuted, mainly for unauthorized agency work, forgery, fraud and attempted fraud.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon denies any violation in this inquiry and in a second ongoing judicial inquiry into the employment of LFI’s parliamentary assistants in the European Parliament.


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