Public spending, goal of one million apprentices: Attal details the 2023 budget

Public spending, goal of one million apprentices: Attal details the 2023 budget

Initiate the end of “whatever it takes” while strengthening strategic ministries, from Education to Defense, including Labor. Gabriel Attal revealed to Echosthis Monday, August 8, 2022, the main adjustments to the 2023 budget. Update on the main announcements from the Minister of Public Accounts.

  • The end of “whatever it takes”

“We are going to begin, with the finance bill, a phase of budgetary normalization”, explained Gabriel Attal. After the anti-inflation plan and the “whatever the cost” linked to COVID-19, the objective is to gradually reduce the public deficit to return to 3% of GDP in 2027. For this, the minister plans to reduce public spending in the broad sense by 0.3% in volume in 2023. State budget appropriations would amount to 339 billion euros. The objective: to hold a deficit of 5% of GDP next year.

To reduce spending, Gabriel Attal evokes the reform of unemployment insurance and the reform of pensions. He also notes that each ministry is “committed to seeking savings within its scope”, and stresses that post-Covid spending will drop by 8 billion next year.

  • Apprenticeship, teachers: training and employment, first of the priority blocks

If he foresees savings, Gabriel Attal also wants to bet on three “blocks”: “training and employment, the sovereign pole and the ecological transition”. For the first of these three poles, the credits allocated “will increase by 12.5 billion euros, i.e. an unprecedented increase of 11.4%”, with particular emphasis on Employment, whose budget will increase by 6 .7 billion euros. The objectives are diverse: to reach one million apprentices by the end of the five-year term, to set the net salary of teachers at the start of their careers at 2,000 euros, or even the completion of the “splitting of large section classes into networks of ‘priority education’.

  • 6.7 billion additional euros for the sovereign pole

The second priority pole of the government is the sovereign pole, which includes Justice, Defence, Foreign Affairs and the Interior. The credits allocated to this division will increase by 6.7 billion euros. Doubling the presence of law enforcement on the ground by 2030, an additional 3 billion euros for the Armed Forces, new places in prison and new magistrate posts: the government wants to make the sovereign a priority.

  • Ecology, the government’s third priority

By way of comparison with the two other poles identified by Gabriel Attal, ecology seems less valued by the government. Gabriel Attal announces that “the Ministries of Environmental Transition, Territorial Cohesion and Agriculture will have an additional 3.3 billion euros”. In particular, he cites as priority issues the greening of the car fleet and the energy renovation of buildings. It should be noted that, as a cost-saving measure, the Minister nevertheless plans to target the most modest more precisely for aid for the acquisition of clean vehicles.

  • What margins of negotiation with the oppositions?

Since the end of the absolute majority for the presidential camp, the bills can largely be transformed between the version proposed by the government and that adopted by the deputies. However, the credit ceilings mentioned by Gabriel Attal will be part of the finance bill. The minister explains that he wants to work upstream “with the national representation, including with elected officials who are not in the majority” to find points of agreement but announces two “red lines”: “no debts, no taxes”. Red lines that seem to indicate a desire to turn to the right wing of the Assembly rather than its left wing to have the text validated by Parliament.


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