Purchasing power: At Stellantis, the strike movements are increasing

Purchasing power: At Stellantis, the strike movements are increasing

The first site to go live was that of Hordain (north), where union sources say “about 500 people” or “150 workers per team” have been on strike every day since Friday. “Production is paralyzed” at this factory, which makes small consumer goods such as the Peugeot Expert, says Jean-Pierre Mercier, the group’s union representative, who presents himself as spokesman for CGT Stellantis. Local management confirmed a strike movement affecting “several dozen employees per tour” and told AFP that the strike had “impacted on production”.

In response to the strikes, she has “committed not to increase the pace planned for October” and to limit the extra work slots to “three a week” at the end of the day. The Douvrin (Pas-de-Calais) engine plant went off the clutch for two hours on Saturday morning, again according to CGT. And on Monday morning, around sixty workers walked out at the gearbox factory in Valenciennes (North).

The CGT calls for a “general increase of a whopping 400 euros per month” and a purchasing power bonus of 6,000 euros. The union has called for a strike in all the group’s factories, “because the wage discussion with management is going to be a showdown, we can ensure that the mobilization increases, it’s time to start,” Mercier said.


Management invited all union organizations to address the issue of purchasing power on September 27th. “The results of the first half of the year (8 billion euros profit) should make it possible to grant an exceptional bonus to all employees,” demanded the CFE-CGC in a press release. In February, the Mandatory Annual Negotiations (NAO) had resulted in an overall salary increase of 3.2%.

The unions had all refused to sign the agreement, saying the gesture was inadequate given the company’s record results and despite the fact that it was offering a profit-sharing bonus averaging €4,300.

In addition to wage issues, the issue of working conditions is also fueling workers’ anger, says Frédéric Lemaytch, a CFTC union representative who decided to take last-minute days off because of supply problems. A strike was also called for Tuesday morning at the Sochaux (Doubs) site, which produces the Peugeot 3008 and 5008 SUVs.

When asked by AFP, Stellantis implicitly acknowledged work stoppages at the factories mentioned by union sources, without providing figures on the number of strikers. Management acknowledges that the last two years between COVID-19 and the semiconductor crisis have been complicated for employees, but “there was a commitment in June to make an appointment in September to open a salary meeting, that has been done.” a spokeswoman for the group replied.

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