Purchasing power law: yes to compromises, no to “overbidding”

Purchasing power law: yes to compromises, no to “overbidding”

Yes to compromises, no to “bidding”: the government wanted to reframe the debate Monday in the Assembly about its package of measures in favor of purchasing power, facing the left and the offensive RN. While the macronists only have a relative majority, “I hope that we can move forward in the most constructive way possible”, but “we will not enter into a logic of one-upmanship”, warned the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire at the podium, when 20 billion in aid is already on the table. “The compromise cannot be bought with billions”, launched Bruno Le Maire again in a hemicycle well supplied on the far right as on the left.

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Campaign promise, the bill of 20 articles “on emergency measures for the protection of purchasing power” is submitted for first reading until Thursday, with more than a thousand amendments to the key, including half were ruled inadmissible. MEPs will continue with the examination of the draft amending budget for 2022 which should make it possible to finance and complete these measures.

Among the main ones are the early revaluation of 4% of retirement pensions and social benefits, the 3.5% increase in the salary of public officials, a means-tested food check of 100 euros, to which 50 euros will be added. per child. There is also the extension of the fuel discount of 18 cents and the tariff shield on energy, the abolition of the audiovisual license fee or even the tripling of the Macron bonus (tax-free and exempt from social security contributions).

Final adoption on August 7… if all goes as planned

The final adoption, after a shuttle with the Senate, is scheduled for August 7, if the government’s plan goes as planned. During the past week, he suffered a first setback with the health bill, amputated from a key article on the possible return of an anti-Covid health pass for entries into France.

On Monday, the leader of the RN deputies Marine Le Pen called on the various components of the opposition to “work together to impose compromises on Emmanuel Macron”. “I reach out my hand to lower the price of fuel and heating, to increase real wages” and further lower the VAT, she pleaded, warning that the government should “get out of postures and sectarianism, fault what he [serait] severely judged by the French”. But no reference to a union of the opposition in the interventions of the other political groups.

“A few crumbs and a lot of carbon”

The left-wing Nupes alliance has crushed a package of measures “to the taste of too little” (PCF) and which gives a “blank check to companies not to increase wages” (LFI). It’s “a few crumbs and a lot of carbon”, according to ecologist Sandrine Rousseau. These deputies will decline in amendments their own “social emergency” text with an increase in the minimum wage to 1,500 euros or taxation of the “superprofits” of large groups.

For the LRs, “discontent and incomprehension are there” and “you are fracturing society” by granting checks to some, accused their speaker Thibault Bazin at the address of the executive. His group is pushing in particular for a “lower fuel price to 1.5 euros per liter”.

While inflation stood at 5.8% over one year in June, “the hardest part, we are there for a few more months”, admitted Bruno Le Maire. “No group, no political party, no deputy has an interest in saying at the end of the week that this text is not adopted”, otherwise “it means that the purchasing power of the French will not be protected” , according to the president of the deputies LREM Aurore Bergé.

The Macron bonus will not be renamed “smoking bonus”

No “demagogy” but “serious budgetary”, had also warned the head of state in his interview of July 14, wanting to believe “in the spirit of responsibility of the political forces in the Assembly”. The RN group has already planned to support this “urgent” text, some Nupes consider that “it’s better than nothing” and the right promises to be “demanding” on funding.

Bruno Le Maire reached out to the LRs, saying he was open to further tax exemption for overtime – as voted in committee – and to broaden the compensation for those who use their vehicle to go to work. Hope for the new “method” advocated by the executive: a consensus is emerging on the deconjugalization of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), that is to say without taking into account the income of the spouse.

Discussions began at the end of the day on article 1 of the purchasing power bill. The LFI deputies tried by amendment to rename the Macron bonus as a “smoking bonus”… in vain. The debates were suspended around 8 p.m. and were to resume at 9:30 p.m.


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