Putin’s speech: evocation of history, anti-Western rhetoric and reversal of the situation

Putin’s speech: evocation of history, anti-Western rhetoric and reversal of the situation

Nicholas Tonev
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7:34 p.m. September 30, 2022

Vladimir Putin signed the annexation of four Ukrainian regions by Russia this Friday after a 40-minute speech in the Kremlin. A speech based on his model, in which the Russian President appealed to history, used anti-Western rhetoric and reversed the conflict situation.


In the text was only Vladimir Putin. The Russian President delivered a speech at the Kremlin this Friday devoted to Russia’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions following referenda denounced by Kyiv and its western allies. The Kremlin Master’s speech turned out to be 100% Putin’s speech.

Russian Ukrainian regions forever

The leader invoked the thousand-year history between Russia and Ukraine, wishing that the war zones had always been Russian and that the Ukrainian years were just a coincidence of history. An accident that Vladimir Putin wants to sort of correct by protecting the Russian-speaking population from “genocide.”

To denounce the economic and ideological colonialism of the West

In this speech, the master of the Kremlin also used anti-Western rhetoric, the economic and ideological colonialism of the West. Remarks to potentially sympathetic or allied countries, especially the Russian population. This is important in this context where people are afraid of military mobilization.

It is about affirming social values ​​and arguing about the degeneration of mores. It’s the West we have to defend against, and that strategy is working very well in the country.

Kyiv must cease fire

Finally, Vladimir Putin applied a classic inversion of the situation: it is Ukraine that attacked, it is Kyiv that must cease fire and return to the negotiating table. Finally, apart from the allegations of gas pipeline sabotage and annexations against the West, Friday’s speech teaches nothing new.

This speech is a vain reminder that bombing the new Russian territories henceforth means bombing the Russian Federation. The uncertainty about the new consequences in the form of aftershocks remains total.

Reference: www.europe1.fr

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