Questions to the government. Baptism of fire for Caroline Cayeux in front of the National Assembly

Questions to the government. Baptism of fire for Caroline Cayeux in front of the National Assembly

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It was a first since she was deputy Minister in charge of local authorities. While in front of the National Assembly, a demonstration was organized to demand the resignation of Caroline Cayeux, inside, she was answering deputies during a session of questions to the government.

The mayor of Beauvais first responded to Didier Lemaire, deputy Mayor of the 3rd constituency of Bouches-du-Rhône. He was concerned about the delays in the modernization of civil security, while fires are ravaging his department and extreme weather events are multiplying. He regretted that the means put in place to deal with these scourges come largely from local authorities and volunteering.

If Gérald Darmanin was directly questioned on the subject, the floor went to Caroline Cayeux, his minister delegate. After a new tribute to the volunteer and professional firefighters, greatly mobilized by the fires of natural spaces in recent times (tribute rewarded with a salvo), she then praised the device already implemented to fight this summer’s fires. Namely, a national intervention order that makes it possible to strengthen the numbers of a territory by those of regions less affected by forest fires. She also announced that a reflection would be carried out to improve the means of action against these fires and other upcoming threats, in particular climate. But without specifying what could be improved.

An unconvincing transpartisan convention

Caroline Cayeux was then questioned by Hubert Brigand about the impossibility of combining a mandate as mayor and deputy. He is the LR deputy for the 4th district of the Côte-d’Or and mayor of Châtillon-sur-Seine since 1995. He is due to resign in a few weeks and is worried about the local anchoring of MPs. “Why should mayors, and in particular rural municipalities, be the only French people who cannot sit in the National Assembly?», he asks. In her response, Caroline Cayeux confirmed once again that she, too, will resign from her term as mayor within a few weeks. “This is a legitimate question”, she estimated. But, rather than going back on the law of non-cumulation of mandates, the state will prefer to set up a transpartisan convention. It will be she who will have the mission of «revitalise» institutions and public political life. In particular to fight against abstention. A response that, it seems, did not please some of the deputies, judging by the hubbub of discontent that followed the Minister’s speech.


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