R4 and R5: Renault’s tough challenge to build on the success of the Fiat 500

R4 and R5: Renault’s tough challenge to build on the success of the Fiat 500

This Friday, October 7th, Renault presented to the press the concept of the future electric 4L, which will be produced in Maubeuge (North) from the end of 2024 and sold from 2025. The unveiling to the public will take place on October 17th during the Mondial de Paris Automobile. After the electric R5, which is to be produced in Douai from the end of 2023 for marketing in 2024, Luca De Meo is playing the retro card to the full. The general manager wants to repeat the 2007 Fiat 500 stunt when he was at the helm of the Italian marque. “Renault needs to reconnect with its roots,” the Renault operations manager likes to repeat. Building on the success of the predecessors? The task will be tough. The R4 was actually made up to 8.13 million times from 1961 to 1994! And in 27 countries. Introduced in 1972, the R5 was marketed until 1985 when it was taken over by the Supercing, which existed until 1996. The first R5 was produced at a rate of 5.27 million units, with the second up to 3.43 million. But overall higher than that of the R4. Renault does not give any forecast production numbers for its future 4L and R5.

R5 and concept of the future electric R5

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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