Raising awareness among young Atikamekw about the importance of politics

Raising awareness among young Atikamekw about the importance of politics

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On the last day of this meeting, the Grand Chief was at the heart of the activities by presenting a conference on governance and by delivering the closing remarks of this summit intended for Atikamekw aged 15 to 35.

It is without a text in front of him that the great chief wanted to challenge the young people of his nation. Sentences such as the Atikamekw Youth Summit is the cornerstone of your future and be involved, it’s a matter of protecting your children were therefore launched in the morning in order to make the 120 young people gathered understand that the issues of governance, autonomy and self-determination are not to be taken lightly.

In an interview, the great chief, elected at only 33 years old, justifies this fervent desire to heal this deficiency that is not healthy.

It takes participation, otherwise they will just live with the decisions. »

A quote from Constant Awashish

The politician has therefore given himself the task of popularizing political questions. Things are not that complicated, it’s often fights of principle. Often there are people who complicate things to hide certain interestshe believes, noting also that the interest of young people was manifest, they having asked very very very relevant questions.

It is with these reflections in mind that Constant Awashish wished to make the weight of politics and law in the broad sense understood. You have Aboriginal title. It cannot be withdrawn from you, except by consultation carried out in good and due form or by referendumhe hammered more than once.

Constant Awashish, Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation Council, was present at the Atikamekw Youth Summit.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivanoh Demers

The Grand Chief of the Atikamekw Nation Council also took the opportunity to highlight the importance of unity within the nation, unity endangered by the withdrawal of Wemotaci from the Atikamekw Nation Council. Unity is an investmenthe launched during his closing speech.

Although in no way central to the activities of the summit, the question of Atikamekw unity made a few appearances here and there during the various interventions over the weekend.

Despite these internal tensions, elections of representatives to the youth secretariat of the nation took place. Each community—Manawan, Wemotaci and Opitciwan—was thus able to elect a representative whose task will be to promote the interests of young people within the nation.

Liam Niko Awashish, 25, was elected for a second term.

Youth development coordinator (sports and recreation) in a youth center, he is delighted that an activity like the Atikamekw Youth Summit is taking place.

I learn, I can talk with other people, find friends… »

A quote from Liam Niko Awashish, representative of the Opitciwan community

For him, involvement with young people in his community is very important. He wanted to run for a second term with, in mind, the last two years of the pandemic, which have been hard on young people.

The level of motivation is low, so there are school dropouts. It concerns me, because these are our future leaders, regardless of the sectorlaunched Liam Niko Awashish, who will soon begin an integrated baccalaureate in philosophy and political science at Laval University.

And he remains optimistic.

I am optimistic because the young people, of course, want the unity of the Atikamekw nation. I hope that we will meet one day so that we can ensure our self-governmenthe concludes.


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