Range Rover Evoque Flexfuel E85: a luxurious 4×4 that overconsumes

Range Rover Evoque Flexfuel E85: a luxurious 4×4 that overconsumes

It walks without a wrinkle with its inimitable, square silhouette with its ultra-short overhangs, as chic as it is timeless. Born in 2011, the Evoque was certainly reviewed in 2019. But an untrained eye will hardly perceive the difference. And that’s good, as the initial style was successful, cultivating this remarkable family resemblance with its big brother and predecessor, the Range. Quite a challenge with such a short model (barely 4.37 meters long). In short, it is the most elegant compact 4×4, by far.

The interior, also geometric as on the Range, is just as classy. Well arranged, refined, it throws. And our luxury version Autobiography offers the added bonus of sumptuous red leather seats of the most beautiful effect. Even if this very noble material has a defect: smooth, it does not hold the body in turns. But let’s not quibble! The driving position allows you to overlook the road with great ease. However, beware of the very high line of the body, disabling when you have to pay a parking or motorway toll! It is necessary to have a long arm. The front seats are no less extremely welcoming. On the other hand, the rear passengers will be much worse off with limited legroom. The trunk is not very big either but, geometrically, it makes the best use of the space allocated to it. Aesthetics also dictated a… restricted rear view with a small bezel.

Screens and beeps, not very ergonomic!

The finish has made huge progress in 2019. But some plastics are not worth those of German production. And, in this very expensive Autobiography version, we would have appreciated wood on the console, and not frankly out of place black lacquered plastic! Land Rover has gone all-digital. It’s modern, unquestionably, but not always ergonomic. Menu groupings appear weird, not always logical or practical. And the insensitivity of the tiny icons when driving annoys. Worse, when the sun shines on it, you can’t see much. Note also a “bug”. The upper central screen went out surreptitiously. And, even turning the engine on and off, closing and reopening the doors, it stubbornly refused to work. No adjustment was possible and goodbye GPS! But, miraculously, after a night’s rest, it started up again! Obviously, we are not the first to suffer this kind of failure, known to the brand. We had suffered the same inconvenience, recently, on a Peugeot 308, a Seat Leon. That’s the bad thing about these screens.

What is inadmissible are above all the freedom-killing safety beeps which invariably start up again on restart. The parking alert thus appears as soon as you approach a vehicle at a red light or during a traffic jam! It can be cut off – easily – but it immediately resumes operation. And there is nothing we can do about it! This tyranny ruined our test in urban driving! These beep-beeps are all the more stupid because the car had front and rear cameras.

Very high consumption, but no penalty!

Like Ford, Jaguar Land Rover is betting on E85 with its “Flexfuel” gasoline engines, which run on ethanol and unleaded indifferently. With the peaks reached by fuel prices, the temptation is strong to fall back on an alcohol at 0.85 euro per litre. More than 2,800 service stations distribute the superethanol in France. That’s twice as much as in 2019. But you can’t find it everywhere. This constitutes a certain restriction on its use. We personally struggled to find any. But this is not the most serious. This saving on the price of the liter is always paid for by increased consumption. We knew it.


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