Relive the procession that accompanies the coffin of Elizabeth II in Edinburgh

Relive the procession that accompanies the coffin of Elizabeth II in Edinburgh

Thibaud Hue (Special Correspondent in Edinburgh), edited by Gauthier Delomez

A moment of intense emotion. Four days after the death of Elizabeth II, a procession took place through the streets of Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. The Queen’s coffin left Holyrood House, the palace of the monarchy, on Monday morning. According to one of Europe 1’s special envoys, two horses from the royal stables led the way, followed by the black hearse containing the coffin. Made of oak, this one was covered with the flag of the royal family and a wreath of flowers.

“A very beautiful tribute, worthy of its rank”

The new king Charles III. followed his mother’s body, on foot in ceremonial dress and surrounded by officers of the Royal Guard. The convoy drove down the street in deep silence in front of thousands of spectators. A particularly emotional moment for Yseult, who traveled from the north of Scotland with her husband to attend the ceremony. “I am very moved to know that our Queen is dead. It is a very beautiful tribute, worthy of her rank and the behavior she has shown throughout her life,” she confides at the microphone. Europe 1

The Scot admits that “it was wonderful for her too to see such a crowd coming together. We will never experience anything like this again, I had never experienced that in my life.”

The entry of the Queen’s body into the cathedral in deep silence

The procession arrived in front of the Saint-Gilles Cathedral around 4 p.m. The Queen’s body was carried there by members of the Royal Guard and a religious ceremony was celebrated there. The entry of the body of the queen took place initially in deep silence. The crown of the Kingdom of Scotland was then placed on the coffin. The ceremony then began in the presence of the entire royal family before ending with the national anthem. God save the king.

The family left by car, and the Queen’s body was left on the spot for the Scots to rally. Therefore, here they will pay a final tribute to the “last queen”.

Scots ready to spend the night to say goodbye to the Queen

It’s a moment eagerly awaited by the Scots, ready to spend the night in front of Saint-Gilles Cathedral to pay homage to him. Many are already queuing in front of the building, the waiting time is estimated at several hours. For Karine, however, it is a necessary moment. “It’s a different way of paying homage to her,” she told Europe 1. “A more personal tribute because we’ll be at church, but we’ll be able to pray for her. It’s a more intimate moment just so we can say goodbye.”

Elizabeth II’s body will remain uncovered for 24 hours until Tuesday afternoon before returning by plane to London and the Palace of Westminster in the evening. Around 750,000 people could be tempted to see the Queen’s coffin a week before the national funeral to be celebrated on Monday September 19, according to the English press.


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