Renault creates its own gas stations for charging electric vehicles

Renault creates its own gas stations for charging electric vehicles

by Gilles Guillaume

AUBERVILLIERS (Seine-St-Denis) (Reuters) – Renault will set up its own EV charging stations near motorways in Europe, Mobilize, the French automaker’s new mobility brand, announced on Monday.

With the support of financial partners, with whom it is in advanced discussions, Mobilize will open the first of a new breed of such stations in southern France within a few months. In a first phase, 200 of these fast-charging stations are to be installed in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain by mid-2024.

The stations will be installed at Renault dealerships five minutes from a motorway exit. Escaping the specs and costs of a concession on the Autobahn area, Renault will be able to develop its own areas that will allow motorists to rest for the thirty minutes that accelerated car charging takes on average.

“When I get stuck in a freeway rest stop, I have no freedom, I’m in a concession, and all of a sudden I’m completely breaking everything we can do in terms of experience,” Nicolas Schottey, managing director of Mobilize Power Solutions, told reporters.

The amount of investment required was not specified.

Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each area offers drivers of all brands six charging points with a power of up to 400 kW and an area of ​​60 square meters with a lounge, games for children and vending machines for drinks and snacks.

In order to avoid having to install a new electrical infrastructure and to protect the grid, filling stations use stationary electricity storage the size of a small container.

“This allows us to load these containers very slowly without disturbing the power grid, and these batteries will discharge much more violently in the cars. We won’t see this extremely strong spike in the power grid at all,” added Nikolaus Schotty.

(Gilles Guillaume, edited by Kate Entringer)


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