Renault is targeting the taxi and VTC portfolio

Renault is targeting the taxi and VTC portfolio

Times are hard. Enough to encourage road professionals to change their habits and to risk themselves on the bizarre, including on vehicles from unknown manufacturers. So when Groupe Renault presented its sedan called Mobilize Limo to VTC and taxi drivers, their first concern was not to inquire about its origin or even to understand why the Diamond emblem had been refused. No, what mattered to them was to know the cost price of each kilometer traveled at the wheel of what remains, in their eyes, a simple working tool.

Mobilize Limo: reserved for professionals, exclusively for long-term rental

Mobilize does not otherwise present its 100% electric Limo sedan imported from China, offered exclusively in the form of rental to professionals. Among them, operators of taxi and VTC fleets can commit to a period of “up to 6 years”, for a maximum of 300,000 kilometers per vehicle. The term of engagement for auto-entrepreneurs varies “from 3 months to 3 years” with a range of mileage offering the greatest flexibility. An example of pricing? “From 1,499 euros including tax per monthfor 36 months or 150,000 kilometres”, advances Mobilize, promising substantial savings on the total cost of use, compared to a hybrid vehicle with dual gasoline-electric motorization.

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