Renault launches an electric Kangoo without sacrificing thermals

Renault launches an electric Kangoo without sacrificing thermals

Renault will unveil its new electric Kangoo III on October 17 at the Paris Motor Show. A big step forward in the eyes of politicians and the media. Here’s finally the MPV to benefit from the key electrification Renault is hoping for a lot… officially! However, given the flop of its competitors’ so-called zero-emission versions, the diamond company’s commercial services are much more prudent… unofficially. Because if there’s one type of car that doesn’t lend itself well to electrification, it’s this type of machine! The Kangoo MPV (Renault calls it Combispace) has sold more than 4.4 million units in fifty countries over the last 25 years and has revolutionized the automotive world by offering interior space, load capacity and the functionality of a van from which it is derived. has combined with the car-specific properties (comfort, equipment).

A vehicle for mixed use, family and work now equipped with a 90 kW (120 hp) engine associated with a Chinese battery of 45 kWh purchased by CATL, which allows it a maximum theoretical autonomy of 285 kilometers. Several chargers are available: 11 kW AC, three-phase, suitable for all types of household charging, a 22 kW AC fast charger that allows you to charge from 5% to 80% in 2:30, and an 80 kW DC charger , with which you can regain 170 kilometers in about 30 minutes. However, on a basic 7.4kW wallbox at home, a 15% charged battery is only ready in… six hours! Orders will open in November and the first deliveries will be in January 2023. Several months behind the original schedule. Like the thermal models, the MPV version and the utility version of the electric Kangoo are produced in Maubeuge (Nord, 1,725 ​​employees). Prices are not yet communicated. Today, a petrol Kangoo starts at 25,900 euros, a diesel at 27,300 euros.


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