Renault launches its electric cars in Latin America, a surreal venture

Renault launches its electric cars in Latin America, a surreal venture

Renault starts with electric vehicles in South America. The company is currently marketing its low-cost, zero-emissions Kwid E-Tech in Brazil, known in Europe as the Dacia Spring. And that while waiting to sell it in Colombia, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico in the first half of 2023. Renault also announced in a press release on Wednesday that it would sell the Mégane and the so-called zero-emission utilities Master or Kangoo in Latin America in the first half of the year. next. In Brazil, the diamond company says it has already received 750 pre-orders for its Mini-Kwid E-Tech. 200 units will be dedicated to rentals by Uber drivers in the city of São Paulo through subsidiary Mobilize Financial Services.

Renault had already delivered some electric Zoé and Twizy in Brazil. The brand “manages the largest distribution network for electric vehicles (in Brazil) and offers its global know-how,” boasts the manufacturer. However, Renault does not give a volume outlook for its new products. The Boulogne-Billancourt company claims to be the leader in electrics in Latin America. However, with ridiculous quantities: Hardly more than 3,300 vehicles have been sold since 2013.


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