Renault offers its employees bonuses of over 1,000 euros

Renault offers its employees bonuses of over 1,000 euros

As strike movements disrupt Stellantis production, Renault is offering its French employees bonuses totaling more than €1,000 for most of them. At the end of several weeks of negotiations between the unions and company management, they offered all employees, including temporary workers, a 500 euro bonus for “purchasing power support”. There is also the option to monetize up to three days of RTT with a 25% top-up, a transport bonus of 100 euros and free health insurance for three months. This is to cover the rising cost of living.

FO union delegate Mariette Rih welcomed an approach by management that “fulfilled all the criteria for us”. After negotiations that “started tentatively,” the result was “an answer to a need and a problem facing all workers,” ie “runaway inflation,” she told AFP. The proposals, which still have to be approved by the representative organizations, are independent of the mandatory annual negotiations for 2023, which will take into account the inflation rate in 2022.


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