Republicans are looking for their line… on the right

Republicans are looking for their line… on the right

Who will save Les Républicains and on what line? That was the dead-end question that LR leaders and activists attempted to answer on September 3-4 in Angers, where the Young Republican campus was being held. An appointment that took place in a somber atmosphere, characterized by the absence of many tenors and thin ranks, while LR, which is losing opinion and is rolling in the presidential election (4.7%), will have to choose a new chef next December.

Wauquiez behind the scenes

First place and long-time favorite, Alpes-Maritimes MP Eric Ciotti thinks he’s found the martingale by resorting to the security arsenal. The finalist for the 2021 primaries advocates a very right-wing program: abolishing the jus soli, incorporating France‘s “Christian origins” into the constitution, lowering the criminal majority to 16, abolishing family allowances for parents of children who do the values ​​of the republic don’t respect… An identity and security package to which the former Sarkozyist wants to add economic shock treatment by drastically cutting public spending. “I want to bring compulsory levies below 40 percent by reducing taxes and duties by 125 billion euros,” boasts the candidate.


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