Republicans link post-fascist victory in Italy to immigration

Republicans link post-fascist victory in Italy to immigration

Several Republican leaders have linked the victory of Giorgia Meloni’s post-fascist party in Italy on Sunday (25 September) to immigration, while on Monday (26 September) they deplored the position of the European Commission ahead of the elections.

“Giorgia Meloni’s victory in Italy is the consequence of the failures of his predecessors, particularly in the area of ​​migration”said Alpes-Maritimes MP Eric Ciotti.

LR’s far-right presidential candidate attacked the President of the European Commission, who ahead of the election had threatened sanctions if Italy attacked the European Union’s democratic principles.

“The combative and contemptuous statements for Italian democracy are useless, especially those made by Ms. von der Leyen, which were a real provocation on the eve of the election”appreciated Mr. Ciotti.

Republican Annie Genevard also felt this “All Democrats have an obligation to respect his election, including the President of the European Commission.”

“By leaving Italy migratory and economically drifting, successive governments have abandoned the Italian people to the populists.”She added.

Another candidate for the LR leadership, Senator chief Bruno Retailleau, assessed this on Facebook “Like the Swedes before them, the Italians have just sent a clear message to the European Union: Europe can no longer be this continent open to all winds of migration.”

“Only a policy of civilization that defends our borders, our way of life, but also our interests will enable Europe to react to the existential misery of the European peoples.”he added and also criticized “those who, like Ms. von der Leyen, are waving the whip of European sanctions” etc “do not serve the democratic values ​​they defend”.

The number 3 of LR Aurélien Pradié regretted that more critically “Some say to themselves that the only future of the French right is to become a subordinate of the excited”.

scourge “the morbid fascination of those who no longer believe in it in our country”Lot’s deputy, candidate for the presidency of the party on a popular and social line, demanded “The Claim of Gaullism”.

For MEP François-Xavier Bellamy, “The real danger for Europe is not Giorgia Meloni, but exploded illegal immigration in Italy”. Most “It’s madness to think that 25% of Italians are fascists”he added.

He ruled out the idea of ​​a union with the extreme right, he assessed on Sud Radio“In France, the important thing is to unite the right, not by bringing together the parties, but the electorate.”

Also for Senator Stéphane Le Rudulier “The greatest danger for Europe is not the victory of certain parties, but the explosion of mass immigration from outside Europe”.

“We cannot transfer the Italian or Swedish system to the French system”nuanced to the public senate Gilles Platret. “I’m not in a logic of unification, we must rebuild a republican right”added the very right-handed mayor LR of Chalon-sur-Saône.


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