Restyled Opel Grandland Pure Tech: the excellent cousin of the Peugeot 3008

Restyled Opel Grandland Pure Tech: the excellent cousin of the Peugeot 3008

It is imperative to rediscover it! Very close cousin of the Peugeot 3008, alongside which it was initially manufactured in Sochaux, the Opel Grandland suffers badly in France from the lack of notoriety of the German brand. And also the success of the tricolor rival. Faced with the 3008, it is true that the task is tough. However, those who put off the flashy lines and the very particular driving position of the Peugeot will find here a vehicle endowed with the same dynamic qualities, but in a more sober, even discreet dress, and sold (a little) less expensive.

The silhouette, born in 2017, was even so wise that Opel has just restyled it with a less chubby, more geometric front, just to give it a family resemblance with the new Mokka. The result is also bizarre, these beveled shapes do not marry harmoniously with the curves of the rest of the bodywork. As for the shiny black plastics, instead of the previous matte protections, they are also not in the best taste, while being very sensitive to scratches from traffic. In short, if the Grandland has a slightly more assertive personality, it loses consistency. But that doesn’t diminish its interest.

Practical but sad interior

Inside, the left and central part of the dashboard is also redesigned with a set of sharper lines supposed to recall the grille. It’s more “modern”, but not necessarily prettier or more practical. And this, especially since the thin sheet of lacquered plastic decorations which covers the central screen is not of exceptional quality. The cap above the instruments is downright poor. Opel could have made an effort on the materials, too low-end. Note also that the lid of the glove box yawns on the right side, which does not look very “German”. That said, the absence of squeaks on bad roads testifies to an intrinsically serious manufacture.

These aesthetic criticisms do not prevent you from feeling good on board, with an easy-to-find driving position, much more so than on the 3008, well-designed seats and maintaining the back in bends, clearly identifiable instruments. However, we regret the non-adjustable central armrest. Ergonomics is simple, rational and ultra-practical. Only common sense, far from the frills of the competition! The screen and menus are the same as at Peugeot. Opel, however, had the good idea to add buttons to remove the “Stop and Start” for example. Opel also scrupulously respects the driver’s settings. The driving aids, once set to “off”, do not re-engage on restarting. Thank you for this preservation of individual freedom. We nevertheless regret the obligation, as with Citroën, to press the big start or stop button for a long time. A simple press does not produce any effect. This is said to be for security reasons. Habitability and trunk volume remain satisfactory. But why does Opel offer such sad, all-black interiors? That said, a 3008 isn’t any more cheerful.


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