Road safety: four dead on the roads of the Oise in July

Road safety: four dead on the roads of the Oise in July

– Photo: Chantilly gendarmerie.

Compared to the road safety figures published a year ago, the assessment of accidents in the Oise for July 2022 is “worse”. Over the past month, four people have died on the roads of the department. 63 accidents took place, resulting in 93 injuries. Of the four deaths, two are related to alcohol and one to the use of narcotics.

This is a little more than in 2021 at the same time: two people died and 84 were injured in 58 accidents.

Rising numbers

For the first seven months of 2022, from January to July, the statistics are also up compared to 2021. For the first half of last year, 14 people died, 415 were injured (31 deaths, 525 accidents and 756 injuries for all of 2021).

Regarding 2022, the authorities have recorded 16 deaths on the roads, 313 accidents and 449 injuries. With the accident that occurred in Creil, on the night of August 5 to 6, the death toll is now 17 … At least.

This Saturday, August 6th is marked by the second big cross-country hunt of the holidays. The day was classified black by Bison fûté. traffic will therefore be difficult, or even very difficult, throughout France, including the Oise department.

– Infographic: Prefecture of Oise.


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