Roberta Metsola warns of a wave of migration due to the food crisis in Africa

Roberta Metsola warns of a wave of migration due to the food crisis in Africa

The food crisis in Africa could lead to this “mass migration movements” to the EU, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola told EURACTIV media partner Lusa in an interview ahead of her two-day trip to Portugal. She also added that political instability was increasing across the bloc due to “Populist Rhetoric”.

“My long-term concern is that the logistical challenges we face in moving grain, food, supplies, fertilizer and others to African countries will remain a major challenge.”she confided in me.

That “means that there will not only be an energy crisis, but also a food crisis” in Africa, she said, believing that the EU must do this “Preparing for Mass Migration Movements” to the territory of the European Union.

“We also need to understand and explain to our citizens and people that we are entering a time of great adversity, but this is not just affecting us, this is a global phenomenon.”underlined Ms. Metsola, referring to the “Many crises” as with energy and rising prices that the EU is facing.

The European Union has taken in thousands of Ukrainians since the war began in February, some of whom have already returned to their country.

Nevertheless, “We are not fast enough to face what really lies ahead and a very harsh winter will hit everyone in terms of growing crises.”, notes Ms. Metsola. She believes it is necessary “Avoid a populist discourse that immediately leads to political instability”.

As several EU member states like Italy prepare for the ballot, she wants Analyze the elections [qui auront lieu] in the coming weeks and months and what it will bring ».

“There will certainly be political parties on the fringes that will take advantage of this and take advantage of it [des questions comme la migration] for example to exploit the growing frustration”so we have to “to make sure we avoid this instability that might be inevitable,” added Ms. Metsola.

“We saw, for example in France, people who felt excluded, who were not taken into account and that is a task for Parliament and that is my goal for the next two years.”She said.

Ms Metsola also called for the creation of a “Constructive Pro-European Center” in the following months.

“The interest of malicious actors around the world, not only Russia but also others, is to disrupt, and therefore we must have the political stability and the ability to respond to the challenges.”she said, noting that this includes fact “Legulate effectively and don’t get bogged down”.


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