Romescamps. Firefighters save family from house fire

Romescamps. Firefighters save family from house fire

A fire broke out in a house in Romescamps (Oise) in the middle of the night from Monday 11 to Tuesday 12 July. Illustrative photo: Alexandra Giraud – Oise Hebdo.

It is not far from 2 a.m. when the firefighters of Formerie are called to a fire in Romescamps, in the very north-west of the Oise, this Tuesday, July 12. It was initially a car fire. But this one has spread. Until tackling the facade and then the roof of this pavilion located rue de Normandie.

On site, the emergency services carried out five rescue operations. They take care of two adults, a child and an infant. All are classified in relative urgency by the mobile hospital unit. They will be transported to Beauvais hospital. Firefighters also rescue the family dog ​​and get him to safety.

Many firefighters mobilized

To extinguish the disaster, many firefighters were mobilized. Help was hired from the centers of Crèvecœur-le-Grand, Formerie, Songeons, Grandvilliers, and Marseille-en-Beauvaisis. In addition to the Smur de Beauvais.

Two spears are needed to master the fire. Including a climb on the ladder.


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