Roubaix: Young people call the firefighters to fill their inflatable pool

Roubaix: Young people call the firefighters to fill their inflatable pool

Their plan fell through. The heatwave episode that affected Hauts-de-France was well and truly over on Wednesday. However, despite the relative heat, young people from the sensitive Trois ponts district, in Roubaix, wanted to take advantage of their inflatable swimming pool. And since it was empty, they had the brilliant idea of ​​​​calling on the firefighters to fill it, we learned from the municipal police.

Too lazy to fill an inflatable pool with a small jet of water or with the help of buckets, whereas with a fire hose, the matter could be settled in a few seconds. Suddenly, the group of young people who wanted to take a dip contacted the 18. To the operator, one of them assured that a resumption of fire was in progress on the roof of the neighborhood nursery.

No water and no more pool

And as the place had indeed been the victim of a fire the previous days, firefighters were quickly dispatched to the scene. Except that when they arrived, they saw no fire, flame or smoke. Instead of falling on a fire, the rescuers were welcomed by the young people who therefore asked them to fill their swimming pool.

Of course, the firefighters refused. Instead, they contacted the municipal police who proceeded to confiscate the swimming pool. And if no one has been arrested in this story, the municipal police would like to remind you that “who communicates false information making people believe in a disaster and likely to provoke the unnecessary intervention of the emergency services” incurs 2 years in prison and 30,000 euros fine. What to pay for a beautiful, swimming pool.


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