Russia summons French ambassador to Ukraine over arms shipments

Russia summons French ambassador to Ukraine over arms shipments

Russia on Thursday summoned French Ambassador Pierre Lévy to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow to protest against arms deliveries to Ukraine, which Kyiv used to retake territory with. “The Russian side has pointed out the dangers of increased supplies of weapons and equipment to the Kiev regime, as well as the intensification of training programs for the training of Ukrainian soldiers,” Russian diplomacy said in a press release.

“This line contradicts statements by Paris officials who say they want a peaceful solution in Ukraine,” the source added, adding that the French ambassador spoke to a Russian deputy minister, Alexander Grushko. Pierre Lévy had already spoken to the deputy minister in Moscow on September 20th. In a press release at the time, Russian diplomacy described the continuation of “force-feeding Ukraine with Western weapons, including French ones” as “unacceptable”.

Other deliveries in Ukra tubes

Since the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine on February 24, Paris has shipped military hardware to Kyiv, including 18 long-range Caesar guns, particularly formidable for hitting supply lines behind the front lines. France plans to supply Kyiv with six to 12 additional examples of this truck-mounted 155mm gun, which comes from an order destined for Denmark, a source familiar with the matter told AFP on Monday, confirming information to Le daily moons.

Paris is also studying the possibility of supplying 20 Bastion armored vehicles to Kyiv. After receiving numerous shipments of Western arms, especially American ones, Ukraine has been conducting several successful counter-offensives since early September and has recaptured key areas from Russian forces.


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