Russian ambassador Vladimir Chizhov is leaving Brussels after 17 years of service

Russian ambassador Vladimir Chizhov is leaving Brussels after 17 years of service

L’Veteran Ambassador of Russia to l’EU, Vladimir Chizhov, leaves Brussels for good after a record mandate 17 Years marked by the strongest moments of relations between his country and l’EU and the low point with the war in Ukraine. The name of his successor n’is not yet public knowledge.

EURACTIV has been informed of the departure of M Chizhov, having received an invitation to his reception d’farewell 8th September.

Peter Stano, Spokesman for the Head of the Federal Foreign Office l’EU, Josep Borrell, explained theil it’straded d’a «standard procedure» etc thea new ambassador was expected. The name of the new ambassador remains secret until that he gets the famous «approval» from all Member States – provided that it receives them.

La Russian Permanent Representation l’UE n’did not respond to emails d’EURACTIV in time for the publication of this article.

A diplomat out l’EU unofficially declared thehe was pleased that Vladimir Chizhov it’sgo away because, by his own admission, he was a civil servant «hostile and destructive» which has done too much harm to relations l’UE.

No decision n’was accepted for attendance d’a member of the European Service d’foreign action, the diplomatic arm of l’EU, upon receipt d’Farewell to Mr. Chizhov, but it is likely theit is boycotted or the voter turnout is low.

EU-Russia relations culminated in a series of 32 biennial summit meetings since 1997, with the last one taking place before that l’illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014.

At the height of their relationship l’The EU and Russia discussed visa liberalization, which means l’abolition of l’Visa requirement for visiting Russians l’EU as tourists for a period of highat three months.

In a series d’Interviews with EURACTIV, M Chizhov was always ready to discuss issues outside his direct competence, including the war in Syria or the situation in the Balkans. Sometimes he made surprising statements : In 2018 he said that the conflict in Ukraine n’was not there l’Russia’s interest and that’s what Donbass did «part of l’Ukraine».

L’One of the big political issues for Mr. Chizhov was l’Energy, an area where Russia is currently waging a hybrid war, according to analysts l’UE. As a communicator, Mr. Chizhov has proven many times d’a sense of l’dry humor that n’apparently did not come out to the liking of his colleagues l’UE.

It’s tough d’assess the extent to which Ambassador Chizhov was able to influence Russian President Vladimir Putin on European affairs, but l’strong man of russia must have appreciated his ambassador in brussels obviously sinceil l’officiated for 17 to


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