Russian invasion: the testimony of a Ukrainian lieutenant on the front line

Russian invasion: the testimony of a Ukrainian lieutenant on the front line


Nicolas Tonev (special envoy to Ukraine), edited by Wassila Belhacine

On the 118th day of the war in Ukraine, the deadly bombardments are still as intense in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces attempt to capture a road leading from Lysychanks to Bakhmut and Kramatorsk. Nicolas Tonev, a special envoy from Europe 1, went to meet Mikita, a young Ukrainian lieutenant in the resistance.


Fighting is still raging in eastern Ukraine where the Russian army is inflicting “catastrophic destruction” and preparing to further intensify its bombardment, according to Ukrainian authorities. For 48 hours, reinforcements in heavy tanks and men have been pouring in to prevent the Russians from conquering with artillery fire a strategic road leading from Lyssytchanks to Bakhmout and Kramatorsk, in eastern Ukraine.

Nicolas Tonev, special envoy of Europe 1 in the Donbas, went to meet Mikita, a young lieutenant in the Ukrainian army. It bears witness to the difficult battle waged by the Ukrainian army in the Donbas.



“One less”

Mikita is a lieutenant and at the age of 21, he finds himself a leader of men in the war when he has just graduated from his military school. He is one of those who want people to know what is happening, and what they are doing on the front line. Mikita was sent to the rescue of Lyssytchanks.



He testifies for Europe 1 of his vehicle while driving on a dirt road. To his right, the war with the fumes of the bombardments. “Today is June 21 and the Russian army continues to bomb a refinery in Lyssytchanks. And there you can see over here a destroyed M777, it is a gun that was provided to us by the British forces”, declares Mikita at the microphone of Europe 1.

You have to imagine the courage there is to be in these fights under the Russian bombardments: the vehicles that we see the most on the roads are the military ambulances. At the front, life expectancy is limited. Men seek at all costs to reassure themselves. During a long wait for gasoline, a Ukrainian soldier obsessively showed the photo of the body of a Russian soldier he said he had killed, repeating: “One less”.


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