Saint-Maximin: the gendarmes seize 400 counterfeit objects at a flea market

Saint-Maximin: the gendarmes seize 400 counterfeit objects at a flea market

Items sold at unbeatable prices were branded with luxury and sports brands. But all the bags, clothes, leather goods and shoes presented by an exhibitor at the flea market, organized on Sunday July 31, near the shopping center of Saint-Maximin, in the agglomeration of Creil, were all fake. The gendarmes of the Chantilly research brigade, who were monitoring the demonstration, therefore seized more than 400 objects. All were branded with major brands: Chanel, Dior, Nike, Lacoste and even Hermès…

It was a normal check to check if there were no objects from concealment, theft or weaponsexplain the gendarmes of Chantilly. This doesn’t happen often, but we have already seized a large quantity of counterfeit shoes at a flea market in Chambly.»

A large amount of cash found at his home

After the arrest of the seller, a search was carried out at his home. On the spot, the soldiers seized the sum of 15,300 euros. The Senlis public prosecutor’s office was seized and entrusted the investigation to the Cantilian gendarmes.


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