Saint Maximin. They buy credit card numbers on the dark net to build their business

Saint Maximin. They buy credit card numbers on the dark net to build their business

Bank card numbers were bought on the dark web, a hidden web. These numbers were used to order expensive products at Cora’s Drive.- Screenshot: Google Maps.

Today, they have a past of six years of pretrial detention, it’s not nothingdefends lawyer Thiebaut-Gouin Emmanuelle in the courtroom. It was six years after the events that the eight defendants were tried. The facts of which they are accused date from 2015. At that time, a man named Afonso César went to the Cora drive several times with a Volkswagen Golf, to collect orders, mainly consisting of alcohol, multimedia and household appliances. . He acts under the orders of Etike Bodie and Ilebo Jordy. The two men are regulars on the dark net (a “hidden” internet not accessible by traditional search engines) where they recover stolen or diverted bank card numbers in order to pay for orders. In the courtroom, Etike denies being part of this traffic and denies having ever been on the dark net.

At the time, it was the still very expensive amount of purchases that caught the ear of some employees. On December 22, 2015, the Chantilly gendarmerie was contacted for suspicion of fraudulent orders. Arrested and questioned, Afonso César declared during his police custody that he had made eight withdrawals of orders to make deliveries and receive part of the earnings.

Afonso César’s phone is tapped. The investigators discover that the respondent is approaching – under the name of “Rasta” – private individuals and night establishments, with the aim of reselling the bottles of alcohol to them. In front of the judges, he admits:I kept the controls, it stayed in my car until someone needed it“.

Four of the defendants are on trial for concealment of goods obtained with the help of a scam. According to the prosecutor,it is the receivers who create the demand. Without them, this network would not exist“.

Kablankan Assiemen, absent in court, is one of the buyers.

Another defendant, Kounchou Bienvenu, is accused of having bought 350 bottles. He defends himself:I have never bought bottles from Monsieur César“, he swears before detailing: “I asked him for the prices, I also asked if they were stolen, he assured me they weren’t. With supporting invoices I wanted to buy some for my daughter’s baptism, but the bottles were already for customers. So he gave me his number…»

Kouchou Bienvenu continues:I never called back, but I gave his number to someone who was looking to buy alcohol.“, he finally admits.

The other two defendants tried for concealment are Lubanzadio Makiadi and Maho N’Tapke Mathurin. They were managing night establishments during the events. They are suspected of having bought bottles from César to resell them to customers.

On April 20, 2016, traffic came to an end after a very profitable year: 915 orders were placed for an amount of 108,733 euros.

The investigators were unable to establish a link between the last defendant questioned and the others. Bernard Soule, is also on trial Monday, June 27. He is accused of having used credit card numbers purchased on the dark net to resell goods on LeBoncoin and allow him to buy Bitcoins.

In front of the bar, he admits having placed 14 orders and having acted alone. “At the time, there was a flaw in Cora’s system.“, he slips to the president.

A totally relaxed defendant

The prosecutor asks that Mr. Ilebo and Etiké be the most severely punished. According to her, they have a similar role, being in charge of the technical and astute side of this vast enterprise: illegally buying bank card numbers to place bulk orders in Cora stores. To do this, they used identities and different customer accounts. “They had a role of principal, a shrewd and intelligent role which characterizes a certain dangerousness even todaysums up the prosecutor. She asks that they be sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment, including 18 months with a simple suspended sentence, and a criminal fine of 2,000 euros.

Concerning the other defendants, she asks for between 18 months of imprisonment including 12 months accompanied by a simple reprieve and 6 months of imprisonment accompanied by a period of simple reprieve as well.
After the arguments of the lawyers and almost three and a half hours of deliberation, the mis en cause are fixed on their fates. The court decides to release Cesar Afonso, Etike Bodie and Ilebo Jordy from March 2015 to August 2015 for “criminal association and organized gang”, but they are declared guilty for the rest of the facts until April 2016 .

Étike and Jordy are sentenced to 15 months in prison, including nine months with a simple reprieve, with an electronic bracelet for six months and a fine of 2,000 euros.

Cesar is sentenced to 12 months in prison, including six months with a simple reprieve.

Bernard Soule is found guilty and takes eight months of imprisonment fully accompanied by a simple suspended sentence and a fine of 2,000 euros.

Maho N’Tapke Mathurin is acquitted for the period from March to August 2015, but is found guilty for the rest. He received a nine-month suspended prison sentence and 2,000 euros. He is also banned from managing for two years.

Lubanzadio Makiadi was sentenced to ten months in prison, four of which were suspended with a fine of 2,000 euros and a ban on managing for two to two years.
Kablankan Assiemen, absent in court, was acquitted for the period from March to August 2015, but found guilty for the rest, he received a nine-month suspended prison sentence and a ban on managing for two years.

Kounchou Bienvenu is completely relaxed.



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