Say goodbye to the insurance sticker on the windshield

Say goodbye to the insurance sticker on the windshield

For almost 38 years and under penalty of a fine of 35 euros, the green insurance sticker has been required to be placed in the lower right corner of the windscreen of every car or truck and on the fender of all 2 wheels. However, since 2019 law enforcement officers have had access to a national file of insured vehicles (known as FAV) was founded in 2016 by insurers. It is the responsibility of the latter and their agents to register the registration number of each vehicle within 72 hours of the effective date of the guarantee.

56 million insurance certificates are printed and delivered in France every year

Now that they are equipped with smartphones and laptops, police officers and gendarmes no longer actually need to decipher the inscriptions printed on the green badge (or “Certificate of Insurance”) in order to carry out the checks required for their missions. The insurer’s name, policy number, expiry dates and vehicle registration appear on the national file.

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