School buses. “He doesn’t care about us”. The Region angry with the headmaster of the Institution Saint-Esprit de Beauvais

School buses. “He doesn’t care about us”. The Region angry with the headmaster of the Institution Saint-Esprit de Beauvais

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– Credit: Hauts-de-France Region

“We are short of around 400 drivers and around 20 mechanics”, for the start of the 2022 school year, announces Franck Dhersin. The vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region in charge of mobility does not hide his concern. Despite the more than 6 million euros injected into the training of drivers in two years and the reduction in the time required to obtain a driving licence, the hole will not be filled in September.

The Region intends to rely on the rectorate to anticipate the needs of the different territories and optimize the circuits. Joint work which must also “to see where there will be problems, because there will be problems”warns the vice-president.

A bad student at the Holy Spirit Institution?

Bruno Abart headmaster of the Institution Saint-Esprit – Credit: Oise Hebdo

Among the lines affected by these problems from the start of the next school year, those of Méru and Rochy-Condé towards the Institution Saint-Esprit de Beauvais. Pupils on these two lines should take the train from September to go to the college and high school of this private establishment. An unbearable decision for the families of the youngest who fear for the safety of their children. As well as for their schooling, since the timetables of the SNCF will force them to work much longer days.

Asked about this specific case, Franck Dhersin got carried away. According to him, the fault lies with the head of the establishment, Bruno Abart. “The Holy Spirit is a unique case in the whole region. […] With a principal who doesn’t care about us, who is going to recruit students from more than 50 kilometers away… And afterwards, he asks us to transport 10 students. It’s quite outrageous the way he behaves. We can’t do that”asserts the vice-president of the region.


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