Senlis. Spoiled for choice for the music festival

Senlis. Spoiled for choice for the music festival

– Photo: Senlis-Chantilly Tourist Office / Facebook.

After a blank year because of the Covid, Senlis returns to its music festival on Tuesday June 21. Funk, soul, hard rock or even classic song, the announced program is strong:

Hall Square

– 6 p.m.: Lucky Beat – Musikschule Langenfeld funk, soul, rock, pop
– 7:30 p.m.: Wind of panic pop rock (reprise)
– 9:30 p.m.: Sigma International variety – pop rock

Rue Odent

– 7 p.m.: Cécile sings with Forge of Eden rock / hard-rock
– 9 p.m.: Skorn thrash / melodic death metal
– 10 p.m.: Isaria pop rock

Bellon Street

– 6 p.m.: Municipal Conservatory, contemporary music workshop
– 7 p.m.: The Nine’s pop rock
– 9 p.m.: Stage One pop rock

Car park – Avenue du General Leclerc

– 7 p.m.: B-hard pop rock
– 9 p.m.: Avel Vreiz, traditional Celtic music with dances and Kan ar mor Celtic and Breton dance music

Old St. Peter’s Church

– 5:30 p.m.: Choir of the Three Forests
– 6.30 p.m.: Classic and modern Collegium de Senlis
– 7:30 p.m.: Choral du Haubergier classic
– 9:30 p.m.: Les Chants boul’tout French song

deer parking lot

– 6 p.m.: meeting at the heap of funk, soul sand
– 8 p.m.: AUQS Country and Line dance line dances
– 9 p.m.: Petit Pierre house, techno


– 6 p.m.: The little singers of Senlis sacred song
– 6:30 p.m.: Stéphanie Lefebvre Christian folk pop
– 7:30 p.m.: Marc Sacrispeyre organ
– 8 p.m.: Vocal ensemble of Senlis sacred music

Notre Dame Square

– 6 p.m.: Municipal Conservatory Orchester Benjamin
– 7 p.m.: Municipal Conservatory workshopJazz
– 7:30 p.m.: Municipal Conservatory Junior Orchestra
– 8:30 p.m.: Harmony Municipal Conservatory
– 9:30 p.m.: Municipal Big Band Jazz Conservatory

Saint-Frambourg Chapel

– 6 p.m.: Municipal Conservatory String orchestra, Guitar ensemble, Small string orchestra, pianists
– 7 p.m.: César Franck classical jazz conservatory

Park of the royal castle (under arcade)

– 7 p.m.: Sing it… with pleasure French variety
– 9 p.m.: Dan V. Chanson Brassens
– 10:30 p.m.: Duroy Daniel French song – humor

Park of the royal castle (between museum and priory)

– 7:30 p.m.: Rally of the horns of the Nonette, Grandes fanfares

Park of the royal castle (background of the park)

– 5.30 p.m.: La Fontaine des Près middle school choir songs about ecology
– 8 p.m.: Split Brain metal
– 9 p.m.: No Ceasefire rock

Place Lavarande

– 7 p.m.: Fade too gray pop rock blues
– 9:30 p.m.: Welcome Dr Psycho hard-rock

Place Henri IV

– 6:30 p.m.: C-Jay’s pop rock
– 9 p.m.: Goness’Blues rhythm’n’blues, rock, fun

Place Aulas de la Bruyere

– 6 p.m.: Grip’N Roll rock
– 8 p.m.: Supreme TKT pop funk soul
– 10 p.m.: Rock TEST

Cathedral square

– 6:30 p.m.: Nonette Grandes Fanfares trumpet rally

And also in Pontarmé

Tuesday, June 21, 7 p.m.: fifth edition of the music festival organized by the Pontarmé festival committee on the Place des Gérioles. Bar and restaurant on site.


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