Serbia: The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church supports the cancellation of EuroPride, the organizers are against the wind

Serbia: The Patriarch of the Orthodox Church supports the cancellation of EuroPride, the organizers are against the wind

The decision to cancel EuroPride is the “ Well »because the event constituted something “Completely contrary to the value system of our people”, said Porphyrius, the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, on Tuesday (September 6). The opposites are against the wind.

“We fully understand the grave legitimate concern of our people at the brutal promotion and imposition of policies and ideologies designed to crumble the pillars on which we have built our identity for centuries.”said the patriarch.

Concerned that EuroPride could threaten them “value system” Serb, he said he was satisfied with the government’s willingness to cancel the LGBT+ event.

EuroPride organizers are in turmoil. According to them, the statement of the patriarch “has only accentuated divisions, controversies and conflicts”.

That’s what they said too “Just by declaring that people of a different orientation are evil, you help to publicize them, which can lead to violence and persecution.” and this life of love and tolerance “is a fundamental Christian value and one of the main reasons for organizing EuroPride. »

Goran Miletić, one of the organizers of EuroPride 2022, which will be held in Belgrade on September 17, announced that more than 60 foreign politicians and NGO representatives have confirmed their participation in the event. Mr. Miletić also expressed his belief that the authorities will ensure the safety of everyone involved.

In a statement of the day todayMr. Miletić said that the police couldn’t do that ” closed eyes “ etc “refusing to secure” the event. He also warned that such inaction would spark a scandal. According to him, previous rulings by the Serbian Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights made it impossible to legally prevent the Pride March from taking place.

“We will take to the streets because of the ban [de l’événement] is unlawful, even if the damage has already occurred because there is talk of cancellation and postponement abroad”Miletić said, referring to the government’s recent recommendation to cancel the event due to the country’s precarious security situation.

Mr. Miletić added that a public demonstration – coupled with the authorities’ full cooperation to secure the event – was the only way forward “repair at least part of the damage” caused by the cancellation speeches.


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