Sesame to be circulated in the ZFE: the gray card collection

Sesame to be circulated in the ZFE: the gray card collection

For the owner of a car that is more than 30 years old, there are two major advantages to adding the notation “collection” to his registration document. The best known is the extension of the validity of the Technical Control Report from two years to five years. The second is the benefit of an exemption for unrestricted traffic in Low Mobility Emission Zones (ZFE-m), unless a decree specifies alternating traffic in the event of a pollution peak.

The ZFE-m, you know? Only 37% of French people have heard of it, according to an opinion poll conducted in March by the CSA Institute for the Eco Maintenance Association (AEE). However, almost 150 cities in France are affected by these low-emission zones. Because before January 1, 2025, agglomerations with at least 150,000 inhabitants must have defined a perimeter to which the most polluting vehicles – i.e. the oldest – no longer have access.

With an average age of 53, vintage cars drive fifteen times less than modern ones

Fans of old Citroën 2 CVs and Renault 4s of yesteryear have some concerns. Because, by definition, their cars are too old to win any of the three “air quality certifications” that are worth it Circulating sesame in a ZFE-m (namely the Crit’Air Verte, 1 or 2 vignettes). Note that the latter – the least demanding of the three – is only granted to diesel vehicles registered after January 1, 2011 and petrol vehicles registered between January 1, 2006 and December 31, 2010. Machines too young to be considered “collectibles” .

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Are antiques doomed to exile in the countryside, never to leave? The question worries thousands of collectors because, according to a survey by the French Federation of Classic Cars (FFVE), more than half of the millions of old cars listed in France sleep in the city. Luckily for their owners, the FFVE was able to assert to the authorities that these over 30-year-old vehicles “a priceless rolling heritage”, which circulates little, “on average 1,071 kilometers per year 1,071 kilometers per year, with fourteen annual outings.” The President of the FFVE Jean-Louis Blanc concludes that “the impact of emissions and greenhouse gases on the air quality of these vehicles is negligible”.

Vehicles classified as collection pollute more than modern ones, but drive infinitely less: they can circulate in ZFE-m


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