Sexual, intra-family violence, drugs: delinquency on the rise in the Oise

Sexual, intra-family violence, drugs: delinquency on the rise in the Oise

The 2021 crime figures are bad both in France and in the Oise – Photo by Max Kleinen / Unsplash

The Ministry of the Interior has just published the 2021 delinquency data. Figures already partially communicated at the end of January this year, but refined since. This shows an overall increase in crime. At the national level, there is a dramatic increase in domestic violence (+14.3%) and especially sexual violence (+32.8%). Two categories in which communication campaigns and the release of women’s voices have made it possible in recent years to file more systematic complaints.

Another impressive breakthrough: that of drug trafficking (+13.4%) and mechanically the use of narcotics (+37.2%).

In the Oise, the explosion of drug trafficking and consumption

In the Oise, these increases are even more spectacular. Domestic violence thus increased by 19.8% with 2,085 cases against 1,741 the previous year. sexual violence are also experiencing a dramatic increase of 42.1% with 956 cases in 2021 compared to 673 the previous year.

On the drug trafficking side, there is an even greater increase than at the national level with 17.8% or 423 facts in 2021 for 359 in 2020. The use of narcotics, on the other hand, is exploding with a surge of 83.6% or 3,840 facts recorded in 2021 against 2,091 the previous year. Almost double.

Burglaries down, but…

On the good news side, we note, contrary to the national trend, a decrease in the number of burglaries (16.3%) with 1,650 facts against 1,971 a year before. Robberies with weapons also represent a good surprise with -14.9% or 74 incidents against 87 the year before. These thefts are also slightly down in France (-2.2%). Finally, violent thefts without weapons are also down (-12.8%) or 312 in 2021 compared to 358 in 2020.

On the other hand, intentional assault and battery (+9.6%), fraud (+16.5%), vehicle theft (+5.5%), theft of vehicle accessories (+0.9% ), and non-violent thefts against people (+9.8%) are all on the rise. Small consolation: thefts in vehicles experienced a slight decline of 2.2%.

The Ministry of the Interior, however, does not communicate on the number of homicides in each department. At the national level, they are on the rise in 2021 with +55 victims compared to 2020, i.e. 842 victims over the year.

Department LabelType of offenseRate per 1,000 inhabitants in 2021Rate per 1,000 inhabitants/average over the period 2019-2021Number of incidents observed in 2020Number of incidents observed in 2021Evolution of the number of incidents between 2020 and 2021
oiseOther intentional blows and injuries1.81.81,4491,5245.2
oiseHousing burglaries4.45.41,9711,650-16.3
oiseVoluntary blows and injuries4.443,1903,60913.1
oiseVoluntary destruction and damage77.85,9575,828-2.2
oiseDrug trafficking0.50.535942317.8
oiseDrug abuse4.63.12,0913,84083.6
oiseDomestic violence2.52.21,7412,08519.8
oiseSexual violence1.20.967395642.1
oiseArmed Robbery0.090.118774-14.9
oiseTheft of vehicle accessories1.61.71,3091,3210.9
oiseThefts from vehicles2.32.41,9351,892-2.2
oiseVehicle theft2.82.82,1972,3175.5
oiseThefts without violence against people4.84.93,5963,9499.8
oiseViolent robberies without a weapon0.40.5358312-12.8
France Other intentional blows and injuries2.22.1136,601149 2439.3
France Housing burglaries5.25.7189,765190 2660.3
France Voluntary blows and injuries4.64.2274,337306,74011.8
France Voluntary destruction and damage8.18.4536 486544 4811.5
France Scams6.35.7366 188419,93114.7
France Homicides0.0130.0127878427
France Domestic violence2.42.1137,736157,49714.3
France Sexual violence1.10.957 10875,83332.8
France Armed Robbery0.130.138,6678,474-2.2
France Theft of vehicle accessories1.21.274,33677,2673.9
France Thefts from vehicles3.43.6223,998225,4110.6
France Vehicle theft1.81.9122,772122,684-0.1
France Thefts without violence against people8.79.3553,772583,7685.4
France Violent robberies without a weapon0.9166,06662 104-6
France Drug trafficking0.70.741,15846,66113.4
France Drug abuse3.32.8160,578220 28337.2
Data: Ministry of the Interior – Insecurity and delinquency: statistical report 2021


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