Shared batteries for electric scooters: the outrageous success of Gogoro

Shared batteries for electric scooters: the outrageous success of Gogoro

Gogoro: These three syllables are well known to all Taiwanese. This unicorn has made its mark in the island’s dense urban landscape by offering a clean, smart and simple form of mobility known as “Baas” or “Battery as a Service”. Founded in 2011 by Horace Luke, former innovation director of Taiwanese electronics group HTC, Gogoro is a service that offers electric scooters whose originality is not based on vehicle sharing but on the battery. The latter can in fact be replaced after exhaustion in one of the stations of its private GoShare network, bypassing the problem of loading time.

The Gogoro model is based on the enormous popularity of two-wheelers in Asia, especially in Taiwan. Asia is indeed the traditional country of choice for two wheelers. Convenient, enjoyable in the region’s sunny climates, inexpensive to buy and use, free from theft or vandalism, scooters are the premier gateway to mobility for low-income families, sometimes dangerously crammed in threes or fours on one machine. On the Asian continent, 80% of the 53.3 million two-wheelers sold in 2019 were sold just before the arrival of COVID-19, according to Japanese consultant Fourin. But in the small Taiwanese market, everyone rides two-wheelers. Literally: There are 14 million motorcycles and scooters for every 23 million inhabitants! “Taiwan has 389 motorized two-wheelers per square kilometer, the highest density in the world,” notes David Syrbe of the Swiss Trade Office in Taipei in a recent article.

500,000 monthly users in Taiwan


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