Shortage of nurses: plans to reduce services will be announced this week

Shortage of nurses: plans to reduce services will be announced this week,w_635,h_357/v1/ici-premiere/16×9/infirmiere-baccalaureat-formation.jpg” />

According to a compilation of responses obtained by Radio-Canada, establishments such as the CHU de Québec-Université Laval will close 167 beds this summer out of the 1,274 existing beds in its facilities (13%), or about 60 additional beds compared to the average. in May.

At the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonology of Quebec-Laval University, we will double the number of closed beds to 24, or 7.4% of existing beds.

In May, an average of 6.7% of the 18,226 existing beds in Quebec were closed, largely due to the lack of manpower.

During her presentation to local media this week, the CEO of the CISSS from Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Caroline Roy, warned the population that the summer holidays and the shortage of 300 nurses were going to have concrete consequences until next September.

We will therefore see a decrease in home care activities, a reduction in mental health services and the closing of hospital beds.

I really want to solicit the collaboration and indulgence of the whole populationsaid Ms. Roy.

One of the strategies is to ask families to pick up their loved one quickly when they are discharged from the hospital.

Of course, if the family [d’un patient] make the effort to pick it up on the day required, it will make that bed available for a person who needs to be hospitalized and receive caresays Ms. Roy.

At the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), a spokesperson said Friday that the ministry was in discussion with the establishments about their plans to reduce services. We are preparing clear indications for the population […] in order to direct patients to the right places, according to priorities. Information will be available in the coming week.

Recruitment of International nurses

Last fall, the MSSS had received the mandate from health establishments to recruit more than 4,000 health workers abroad, especially nurses. Never seen.

Nine months later, the work continues, explained a spokesperson for the ministry.

Recruitment Health Quebec [RSQ] is still in its 2021-2022 recruitment year considering that the planning of activities is done from September to September. To date, six recruitment missions have been carried out and have enabled the selection of more than 430 people to fill the positions of nurses, social workers, by PAB and speech therapists. By August 2022, RSQ will participate in the June Quebec Days mission organized by the Ministry of Immigration, Francisation and Integration [MIFI] and will continue to recruit continuously.

International, c’est plus de 950<span class="nbsp"></span>personnes qui ont été retenues à la suite d’une entrevue de sélection. Elles sont invitées à poursuivre le processus de sélection (tests de français, reconnaissance de compétences auprès de l’ordre professionnel, etc.) jusqu’à l’obtention d’un permis d’études pour amorcer la formation d’appoint.","text":"Dans le cadre de la première année du projet de reconnaissance des compétences des infirmières et des infirmiers recrutés à l’International, c’est plus de 950personnes qui ont été retenues à la suite d’une entrevue de sélection. Elles sont invitées à poursuivre le processus de sélection (tests de français, reconnaissance de compétences auprès de l’ordre professionnel, etc.) jusqu’à l’obtention d’un permis d’études pour amorcer la formation d’appoint."}}”>As part of the first year of the skills recognition project for internationally recruited nurses, more than 950 people were selected following a selection interview. They are invited to continue the selection process (French tests, recognition of skills with the professional order, etc.) until they obtain a study permit to begin the refresher training.

Caution for Greater Montreal

However, several establishments in the greater Montreal area remain cautious in their forecasts. Some say they are sure not to close any extra beds this summer.

The situation is evolving and is assessed daily […]. We sometimes close beds and open them in other areas to better meet the needs of our users.we write to CIUSSS of the West Island of Montreal. In May, there were about thirty beds closed (3.5%) due to equipment breakdown, user isolation, staff shortage, etc..

We do not plan to close any more beds this summerreplied a spokesperson for the CIUSSS from Centre-Sud-de-l’Île-de-Montréal, Danny Raymond. However, we have little play and a few unforeseen absences can make a big difference in terms of open beds., he added. Nearly 140 beds are closed there out of a total of 489 (28%), which makes it the establishment with the highest percentage of closed beds in Quebec, according to the available data.

We are making every effort to stabilize the situation in view of the summer and to ensure that no more beds are closed.explained the spokesperson for the CIUSSS of the East-of-the-Island-of-Montreal. Less than 10% of existing beds are closed there.

Downstream, no closure is planned at the Cité de la Santé […]. Six intermediate care beds will be converted into medicine beds given the operating room activities for the summer periodsaid the spokesperson for the CISSS of Laval.

In the Laurentians, where 146 beds are closed (13%), we remain cautious by mentioning that for all of our hospitals, the bed capacity of each care unit is mainly modulated according to the availability of staff, according to short-term or prolonged absences. General medicine units are the most affected due to lack of staff.

At CISSS of Montérégie-Centre, during the summer period, at the Haut-Richelieu Hospital, we will close 17 additional beds. We already have 46 beds closed, in particular due to the lack of manpower. More than 15% of the beds will be closed there.

For the three hospitals in the Montérégie-Ouest territory, there are no plans to close any additional beds for the summer period. […] Currently the beds are closed due to labor shortageit says.

A Montérégie medical source who wished to remain anonymous said he believed that anyway, I don’t see how we could close more beds without ending up closing emergencies.

In Outaouais, constant work is done to determine the needs, so we are constantly readjusting to meet the demand according to the sectorswe write.

At the beginning of June, Radio-Canada revealed that some sixty emergency room physicians demanded the opening of hospital beds rather than their partial closure during the summer period. They felt that the quality of care was compromised and that some deaths were even caused by the chaotic situation in the emergency room.

In May 2022, the volumes of hospitalizations and surgeries performed remained lower than the volumes recorded before the pandemic.″>Source

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