Skoda Karoq redesigned: a serious and effective anti-Peugeot 3008

Skoda Karoq redesigned: a serious and effective anti-Peugeot 3008

Skoda is almost a caricature of Volkswagen. The Czech cars are even more classic, angular, stricter than those of the German parent company. At the same time, however, they are even more timeless and timeless. At a time when designers compete with ruffles, bubbles of all kinds, growths and additions of bling-bling plastic, such sobriety is surprising. Simple, clean and essential. And all this without making waves or exuding fashionable aggressiveness. Far from Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Peugeot, even BMW or Mercedes tormented at will. Such a bias does not displease us, to tell the truth. Because this sympathetic Karoq SUV has the advantage of being compact, balanced in its forms and ultimately harmonious.

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The redesign? It remains almost imperceptible, even if it gives the bow a little more personality. But to overcome this somewhat sad seriousness, Skoda paradoxically offers bright colors (optional) like red, orange or metallic electric blue that have the most beautiful effect. On the other hand, avoid the mousy gray of our test model, as cheerful as a foggy December day in Mlada Boleslav, Skoda’s headquarters!

Strict but well thought-out interior design

The same strict austerity inside. The dark ambience, the seats with their rough upholstery lack charm. But we also appreciated the rational side here. Everything is well thought out, robust and in its place. Controls stay within reach without fumbling around. The height and length-adjustable center armrest has also been carefully thought out. It actually supports the right arm. The old-school shifter is just as ergonomic. When we think of the ridiculous and awkward micro levers of the Volkswagen Golf or the Peugeot 308, we tell ourselves once again that common sense is always right. Thank you Skoda.

The settings on the screen are also understandable. Without unnecessary searching in confusing submenus. And Skoda has good taste here in retaining driver choice when restarting. Except for parking radars, which can modulate the hearing intensity but automatically turn it on again in reverse. An annoying mania of the Volkswagen Group. It remains mandatory, if you want to be quiet, to switch off the aforementioned radar devices after each reverse gear engagement. But when you do that, turn off the rear camera as well. Impossible to decouple them, which is another bad habit of the German consortium. Oh btw, you should never rely on reading speed limit signs, it sucks! He’s insanely optimistic, reading 130 when you’re in a suburban fast lane at 70. If we had trusted him, after 250 kilometers of testing we would no longer have a driver’s license.

Otherwise we sit well, with an interesting habitability for the size, generous accessibility thanks to the geometric shapes. The practical trunk is big enough. With the functionality of a minivan of yesteryear if you choose the appropriate modularity option. In short, the family foundations of the Czech brand of the Volkswagen Group remain. Rationality is really good.


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