Slovenian Prime Minister acknowledges delays in delivery of German weapons to Ukraine

Slovenian Prime Minister acknowledges delays in delivery of German weapons to Ukraine

Delays in the delivery of arms to Ukraine under an exchange agreement between Germany and Slovenia are due to the government formation process in Ljubljana, Slovenian Prime Minister Robert Golob said during a meeting. a visit to Berlin on Tuesday (July 12).

“Unfortunately, it dragged on a bit because of a change of government”Golob said at a joint press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, after a bilateral meeting on the occasion of the inaugural visit of the new Slovenian Prime Minister to Berlin.

Mr. Golob and his government did not take office until May, after Slovenia’s parliamentary elections in April.

“But we respect the terms of the exchange agreement and have already sent a shipment of tanks to Ukraine »he added.

The Berlin government has recently come under fire for its delay in following up on promised arms deliveries to kyiv.

In this case, as part of an exchange agreement concluded last April, Berlin was to deliver German tanks “Marder” and ” Fuchs in Ljubljana in exchange for Slovenia sending Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine.

Mr. Golob also promised to speed up discussions with Germany regarding future cooperation in arms deliveries. Mr Scholz encouraged his Slovenian counterpart to “making rapid progress”.

The German Chancellor went on to stress that the two countries were united in the belief “that Ukraine will always need broad support to defend itself against Russian aggression”.


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