Sofia and Skopje will fight propaganda on both sides of the border

Sofia and Skopje will fight propaganda on both sides of the border

North Macedonia and Bulgaria have agreed to eradicate hate speech, and, in accordance with the bilateral protocol signed on Sunday July 17 by their respective foreign ministers, the two countries must prepare a specific procedure.

The first and most important condition for lifting the Bulgarian veto on North Macedonia’s EU membership remains the inclusion of Bulgarians as a people in the Macedonian constitution, for which there is still no no support in the Macedonian parliament. However, other commitments aimed at resolving the problems of good neighborliness between the two countries have been made.

The government of the Republic of North Macedonia has announced that it will also establish the necessary legal framework for the full opening of the archives of the state security services from the communist period, including the police, the civil and military intelligence and counterintelligence for the period 1945-1991.

The question of history is also included in the protocol. The two countries agree to jointly celebrate in 2022 and 2023 all common historical events and personalities that have already been approved by the joint historical commission.

The government of North Macedonia will prepare and present a model lesson on King Samuil, who the two countries have recognized as a common historical figure, for the seventh year of the educational program.

North Macedonia also aims to change the content of the geography textbook for 14-year-old students regarding established unfounded ethnic and territorial claims against Bulgaria by the start of the 2023-2024 school year. .


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