Spotlight on overcrowded Bulgarian refugee shelters

Spotlight on overcrowded Bulgarian refugee shelters

Refugee centers in Bulgaria have exceeded their maximum capacity by more than 20 percent, an unprecedented level in the past two or three years, the news agency reported. BGNES.

In Bulgaria, refugees and migrants – mainly from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, but also from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria – have to stay in the corridors, TV rooms and technical rooms of the refugee accommodation.

“Again and again, detained migrants are brought to us in different parts of the country, almost all of them are under 30 years old and more than 95% are men. It is very rare that among them there are people who speak a Western language. Some of them speak French”said staff at one of the centers.

This situation also has an impact on the staff of these centers who complain about the excessive workload and the limited financial resources available to them.

“For basic things, they force us to write reports and provide justifications, and even for spare parts that cost 25 euros, we wait months for approval.”Said.

The country’s Interior Ministry has announced that the government will build specialized shelters for temporary accommodation of foreigners in equipped containers to accommodate more people in the southern city of Lyubimets. These containers offer space for up to 1,232 people.

Meanwhile, border controls were tightened in Bulgaria about a week ago after two police officers were killed when their police car was rammed by a bus carrying 47 irregular migrants in the Black Sea city of Burgas. The bus driver, himself a migrant living in a government refugee center, disobeyed police orders and refused to stop at two checkpoints.

This accident raised doubts about widespread corruption at border controls and forced the government to announce tougher measures against irregular migrants. Since this incident, some police actions have taken place and some illegal aliens have been arrested.


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