Stellantis-Renault: Who produces the most in France?

Stellantis-Renault: Who produces the most in France?

Carlos Tavares does not like at all the idea that one can claim an exceptional contribution from companies with big profits. While the debate is raging in France on special taxation of the most profitable groups, the operational director of Stellantis affirmed Thursday, July 28: “we pay significant taxes in France, we are the car manufacturer which produces the most there, with a exceptional gap in wealth creation compared to Renault!” The leader protests: “anything that can go against the creation of wealth in the country would be counterproductive, there is a real problem with money in France“. It would essentially be a tax on well-managed companies, according to the leader.

Any overtaxation of profits “would penalize the employees” of the group, he underlines. The excellent profits of Stellantis last year had indeed generated a bonus of more than 4,000 euros for each employee in France. It should be the same at least this year, as Stellantis announced on Thursday a record trading operating margin of 14.1% in the first half, an operating profit up 44% to 12.37 billion euros and a net profit up 34% to 7.96 billion.


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